2016 Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium

February 7-10, 2016

Milwaukee, WI

Registration is now open!

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Early Bird Registration Deadline ends November 27th, 2015

Poster Abstract and Registration Deadline: January 15th, 2016



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Partnership for River Restoration and Science
in the Upper Midwest

Partnership Description
River research and restoration in the Upper Midwest is an area of intense activity involving federal and local agencies, watershed managers, consultants, researchers, and educators. There is a clear demand for discussion, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between these entities, including two-way exchanges between research and practice as well as interagency communication. To address this need, the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED) and the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) at the University of Minnesota are organizing a Partnership for River Restoration and Science in the Upper Midwest (PRRSUM, pronounced “prism”).

Goals for the Partnership
PRRSUM will provide a regular, open forum for knowledge exchange within the stream and river restoration community. This partnership will work towards the following goals:
  • Exchange knowledge and lessons learned about important local and regional topics.
  • Create collaborations that will lead to further targeted research and group funding.
  • Lay the groundwork for a more formal professional restoration group representing the Upper Midwest.
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Forum Webstream
An archive of previous webstream forums is available here.